KN95 masks are currently required in healthcare.

Coming Up

  • February 19 – March 4: pools in the Wellness Center closed for renovation.
  • March 4: Quarterly Emergency Training: Weather, Hazmat, Workplace Violence (2 PM, Robinson Hall)

  • March 27: Dapper Bean Coffee Truck (9 – 11 AM, Corpening parking lot)
    • One free drink per person!
  • April 9: Mobile Mammography Unit



Artist Clinic

Located on the first floor of Stockton. Schedule an appointment online.


Bulletin Board

If you have a company computer, this universal server can provide you access to most documents.


This is the residents’ Arbor Acres portal. It helps to know what’s happening on the resident side of Arbor Acres.


For submitting payments to be reimbursed from your Flex Spending Account (FSA).


For submitting expenses and approving invoices.

Reliance Matrix

Arbor Acres’ employee assistance program for work/life resources.

  • New users: click “Create a new account” in the top right.
  • Company code: RSLI859



Arbor Acres’ employer-sponsored medical insurance provider.


For submitting PTO requests, managing your benefits, completing trainings, and exploring job postings.


For speaking with a doctor or counselor over the phone or online. Great if you need medical advice while travelling or out of town!


For managing your 403(b) investment retirement plan.


*For Arbor Acres’ medical insurance participants only.

**For Artists who signed up for an FSA at the most recent Open Enrollment.


What do you want to know more about?

Get Involved!

  • Organizes the Artist Christmas Party, Arbor Acres 5k Run/Walk, Artist Picnic, and other wellness and engagement activities
  • Contact: Morgan Ruggiero Hunt, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (ext. 1390,
  • Meets at 12:00 PM the second Friday of each month



  • Publishes monthly contests and prizes to increase awareness of Arbor Acres’ safety policies
  • Contact: Shay Hunter, Facilities Safety Coordinator (ext. 1245,
  • Meets at 9:30 AM the second Thursday of each month

Past Events


Who to Call

Phone ListLeadership Flowchart

If not calling from an Arbor Acres phone: dial (336) 721-1161, then the extension.

  1. Report emergency: Welcome Center, ext. 1205
  2. Request maintenance: Maintenance Coordinator, ext. 1239
  3. Notify Security of incoming guests: Welcome Center, ext. 1205
  4. Computer issues: IT,
  5. Wellness Center: Heidi Day, Wellness Coordinator, ext. 1227
  6. Artist Clinic: 336-713-0587,
  7. COVID question/exposure: Dawn Mabe, Assistant Director of Nursing, ext. 1252
  8. Replace a badge: Holly White, Talent Arts Coordinator, ext. 1230
  9. Learn if the Snow Plan is in effect: Call 336-293-4666 for an automated update.


Talent Arts

Office: 801 Fountain Hill Road,


Senior Director, Talent Arts | Kathryn Sears
ext. 1218 |

Senior Talent Arts Generalist | Alicia Carter
ext. 1357 |

Payroll/Benefits Manager | Susan Koivisto
ext. 1221 |


  • Talent Arts Coordinator | Holly White
    ext. 1230 | (336) 813-3234
  • Talent Arts Manager | Bren Galaski
    ext. 1253 | (336) 748-2462


Campus Map
Asbury Place, Fitzgerald Map

Documents Library





Employment Policies








Dental & Vision:




Education/Tuition Reimbursement:

  • Scholarship Brochure: This program, funded by Arbor Acres residents, is open to non-PRN Arbor Acres Artists. We advertise 3 sessions per year (Spring, Summer and Fall). For questions, see Talent Arts.


Life, AD&D, Short/Long-term Disability:


Social Security/Medicare Info:

These are educational videos from Alliant, our broker:




  • Wellness Center Liability Waiver 2024: submit to Heidi Day, Fitness Coordinator. This is required before using the Wellness Center.
  • Educational Reimbursement Application: This program is offered to full-time Arbor Acres Artists after 6 months of employment. See application for details.
  • Arbor Acres Alternate Biometric Form: This form is if you do not participate the on-campus Health Risk Assessments by Atrium Wake Forest. Your physician will need to complete this form, and it needs to be scanned/faxed to  Atrium by the date on the form to ensure your medical premium stays low for the year.
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