Security & Injuries

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You must call the Welcome Center every time you are picked up from campus, have food dropped off, or any other reason a non-employee is coming onto campus on your behalf. If you do not call the Welcome Center before your ride arrives, they will be directed to leave until you call the Welcome Center.

If your driver does not comply or becomes disrespectful towards your co-workers at the Welcome Center, they will not be allowed on the Arbor Acres property again.

Your driver is expected to stop and offer identification at the Welcome Center, as well as remain in the car while on Arbor Acres property. Please instruct your driver to park in designated parking areas only. Your driver is expected to drive safely and under the posted speed limit. Anyone who fails to conform to Arbor Acres standards in this regard or who exhibits inappropriate behaviors will be refused access to Arbor Acres.

  • If it is an emergency, call 911 immediately.
  • For less severe injuries or “near misses”, report to your supervisor who will fill out an incident report. If your supervisor is out, you must notify another supervisor or Talent Arts.
  • If you are injured, injure someone else or damage property, you may be required to take a drug test or medical exam.
  • The report will be filed with our Workers Comp carrier, if appropriate.

Arbor Acres strives to maintain a working environment free from violence and intimidation. Therefore, we have “zero tolerance” for any type of workplace violence committed by or against employees. Violent acts will result in termination and may result in further legal action.

If you are threatened or know of incidents of threats to another employee, you must notify your manager/supervisor or Talent Arts immediately. All reported incidents will be investigated.

If you encounter an emergency situation while at work, immediately call 911. As soon as it’s practical, notify the Welcome Center/Security at 336-724-7921 ext. 1205.

  2. Push the resident’s PET (Personal Emergency Transmitter). It is the resident’s responsibility to keep it on their person at all times. If they don’t have their PET, call the Welcome Center/Security at 336-724-7921 ext. 1205.
  3. Wait with the resident for the responding Nursing or EMT staff member to arrive. Offer assurances to the resident as needed.
  4. The nurse or EMT will assess the resident and assist them in getting up using the proper equipment and techniques.
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