No matter how your body feels on any given day, there is something going on at Arbor Acres to help you maintain an active life—and someone to join in with you!

Man Walking Dog

Experience the Arbor Acres Active Lifestyle

  • Recreational specialists
  • Dedicated wellness team
  • Walking paths, tranquil gardens, pond
  • Indoor heated full-sized pool, lap pool, and hot tub
  • Exercise facilities, community garden, and more!

Is it a tranquil day? Take a walk; see how the ducks are doing; check in on the gardens, or share a little time with a friend.

Or, are you up for some competition? Challenge a group to a game of croquet or horseshoes. Challenge yourself—work with our Wellness Coordinator in our exercise facility that includes treadmills, bikes, strengthening equipment, NuStep, and more.

Perhaps, this is a day to meet your friends for a class. Will it be Stretch and Tone, Sit and Be Fit, Tai Chi, or Yoga?

I know! It’s a day for the pool—after all, it is always nice and warm. Will it be laps, water walking, Tai Chi, or water aerobics? How about the water resistance pool? It might change your life.

Bench in Graden
Duck Floating on Pond

Get moving—enjoy fellowship—experience an active life at Arbor Acres!

Spiritual Development

All people are welcome. At Arbor Acres, varying religious affiliations and backgrounds are celebrated. All residents enjoy loving care founded on faith-based principles.

Wellness Rocks

Feel Connected

  • Worship Services
  • Pastoral care
  • Counseling for residents, families, and staff
  • Support groups for caregivers
  •  Innovative therapies such as Healing Touch and Drum Circles

Arbor Acres residents’ diverse denominations and faiths enlighten our community. Ministers from the surrounding area conduct services. Some community churches provide transportation to their services.

During crisis moments, Arbor Acres also offers lovingly-administered pastoral care and spiritual support.

At Arbor Acres, spirituality is a path with many enrichment opportunities: formal worship services on-site, contemplative prayer, Bible study, meditative disciplines, and pastoral support. The soul desires to bloom—now!

Red Maple by Pond
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