“So, what’s your pleasure?” the chef asks… and the magic begins.

Asbury Place Dining Room

Meet your friends at the Lakeside dining room for breakfast; have the kitchen make a picnic for lunch, and finish the day with elegant dining in the Arbor Room.

Each meal is a kaleidoscope of tasty choices.

“Imagine a restaurant where the same customers come every day. Residents are selective and discerning.

That is my challenge: exceeding their expectations with choices, delicious meals, and excellent service.

We know dining is very special at Arbor Acres, and we do our utmost to provide the quality that residents have come to know and expect.”

Lamb Dish

In tune with your desires and needs, the Arbor Acres culinary experts create scrumptious offerings for you morning, noon, and night.

Coming together to dine is a powerful, defining part of family life. Repeated daily, this ritual expresses our need to be nourished not only by food but also by fellowship with loved ones. At Arbor Acres, dining serves those needs and more.

Dining Room

Are you hungry?

Enter our world of culinary satisfaction at Arbor Acres.

  • Lakeside casual dining
  • Arbor Room elegant dining
  • Private dining
  • Meals to go or meal delivery
  • Catering
  • Flexible meal plans
  • On-site chefs prepare made-to-order meals
  • Delicious variety of foods
  • Delicious Foods
Womble Terrace Residents Dining

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