Arbor Acres is a vibrant
community that offers a
variety of ways to support
active senior living.

From impromptu concerts to theatrical productions performed by residents and staff, opportunities abound for fellowship, recreation, entertainment, and fun.

Our campus provides the facilities, services, programs, and access to cultural events that make senior living full of possibilities. Many of our residents say they wish they had more time to participate in all we offer!

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Our monthly recreation and activities newsletter distributed to residents. This handy calendar includes descriptions of scheduled events, dining specials, wellness activities, and more.

June 2024

Tomlinson Wellness Center

Class Schedule, June 2024

Independent Living

Calendar, June 2024

Arborview/Memory Care

Calendar, June 2024

Asbury Place/Assisted Living

Calendar, June 2024

Strickland Place/Skilled Nursing

Calendar, June 2024

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