Leave and FMLA

More questions? Email our Leave Coordinator at leave@arboracres.org Back to all FAQs

Do NOT request leave for normal vacation – just use the usual PTO process. You also don’t need to request leave for emergency absences that are brief (1-2 days) or for minor situations.

Request leave when you:

  • have a serious health condition and need to be away from work (to include pregnancy and childbirth)
  • have military or national guard duties (or your close family member has duties which obligate you to take action)
  • have a child, spouse or parent that has a serious health condition
  • need time off for adoption, foster care or birth of a child.
  • any other need for leave that may require being out of work.


Your leave documents can also be found in Paycom. Here are instructions on how to find them.


If you are out on continuous leave, we will keep track of your time off.

If you are taking off intermittent time, please use Paycom. See instructions here.


For a quick response, our email is leave@arboracres.org

You may also contact Bren Galaski, Talent Arts Manager/Sr HR Generalist, at 336 748 2462

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