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The employee assistance program is a FREE resource to help you navigate life’s challenges (full-time/regular staff & their families; 1st of month following 30 days). You can take advantage of 5 free counseling sessions on topics such as stress, financial planning, depression, etc. as well as online resources. Arbor Acres uses Reliance Standard as our employee assistance program.

For an overview chart and basic cost info, click here.


  • Artist Clinic Counselor: Every Tuesday from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm, a mental health counselor is located at the Artist Clinic (1st floor Womble). To make an appointment, call 336-713-0587 or schedule online at There is no cost to you for this visit!
  • Chaplain:¬† Our chaplains minister to both residents and Artists.


Mental health options through the Arbor Acres medical plan:

  • Outpatient: A mental health provider (non-facility/hospital) is a $25 copay, like medical visits.
  • Inpatient: You will need to meet your deductible, then you will be charged a 20% co-pay up to your maximum out-of-pocket amount.


Mental health emergencies:

If you or a member one of your dependents are in crisis, call 911 or visit the Emergency Room.

The Suicide Hotline (988) is another free option that you can call, text or chat.

If you are covered by our medical plan, the cost to you is 20% after meeting your deductible (up to your out-of-pocket max) from the facility, plus a $25 provider co-pay for outpatient services and potentially additional emergency room or ambulance charges.)

Outpatient (telemedicine or in-person) with a mental health provider (non-facility/hospital) are a $25 copay, like medical visits. There is no maximum number of visits. For inpatient, you will need to meet your deductible, then you will be charged a 20% co-pay up to your maximum out-of-pocket amount.

The Artist Clinic is available for those enrolled in the Arbor Acres medical plan. It is located on the first floor between Womble and Stockton (across from the Perry Clinic). Services include sick visits, wellness exams, health management, health coaching, and more!

Schedule an appointment at (for login instructions, click here) or 336-713-0587. Hours: 10AM to 2PM (Monday thru Friday) On Tuesdays, a mental health counselor is available, but no other medical staff.

Most benefits can only be changed at Open Enrollment (usually occurring in November each year), OR due to a qualifying event.

If you have a qualifying event (ex: marriage, divorce, new insurance through another job, child born, etc.):

  1. Log into Paycom.¬†Click “Benefits” and “Qualifying Event“.
  2. Paycom will email when approved by Talent Arts.
  3. Once approved, click “Benefits” and “Enroll in Benefits“.
  4. You can change dependents/ beneficiaries in “Benefits” tab.

This program allows you to make payroll deductions into a retirement plan and is open to all staff.

Arbor Acres matches 200% of your contribution. (Ex. If you contribute 1% of salary, Arbor Acres contributes 2%). 6% of salary is the maximum Arbor Acres contributes.

You take ownership of Arbor Acres’ contributions over a period of 5 years. You receive 20% of the funds Arbor Acres contributed to your plan after 1 year of service, 40% after 2 yrs, 60% after 3 yrs, 80% after 4 yrs, and 100% after 5 years

Enrollment flyer here. If you do not plan on staying with Arbor Acres long-term, or are can’t contribute over $10-15 per pay period, discuss your options with Talent Arts at

Your insurance card can be ordered directly from the specific insurance carrier.

  • Dell: Arbor Acres Artists can receive exclusive discounts on Dell equipment.
  • Gym memberships:
    • To start, go to and log in as a member.
    • Choose “Healthy & Whole” in the right side menu.
    • Then, select “Active & Fit Direct Fitness Membership” to sign up for a discounted membership at a participating gym near you.
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