Reviewing Apps/Phone Screens in Paycom

This is the universal system for managing employee training, performance, and discipline. Knowing how to use Paycom effectively can streamline your management of your team.

Screening Process

1.  Go to the Recruiter Dashboard (Applicant Tracking > Recruiter Dashboard)

2.  Use your widgets (add widgets easily at the top – always hit the green check to confirm). You can EITHER:

  1. Go to the Open Requisitions widget and click on blue link (# of Applications)
  2. OR go to the Recruitment Process widget & click on the blue link for # of applications in Recruiter Review Stage


  • NOTE: If there are multiple of the SAME job, only one job will receive applicants (and be posted on Indeed).
  • MISSING REQUISITION?: Clear filters or Click “Actions” (top right of widget) & “View All”, use ‘funnel’ to filter for Requisition   Status = Active, and any other filters that you would like.

3. Click LAST Applicant NAME in list to see profile (arrow to last page), then view resume on lower left of screen (pdf).

4. Review resume, click X (top right) to close & immediately categorize as NO or MAYBE.

  • IF NO: Go to Application Actions (top right, green button): Select REJECT and select a disposition (skip message).
  • MAYBE: Go to top right “stars” & grade (1 = probably not, 2 = good, 3 = definitely).

5. Phone Screen: Filter Applicant list to “3 stars”. Call your top candidates first, then go to 2 or 1 star candidates.

  • IF NO: Go to Application Actions (top right, green button): Select REJECT and select a disposition (skip message).
  • If YES – See step 6.


  • On Availability and Tasks tab, click Green “Complete” button on “Recruiter Review” step & “Send to Next Step”.
  • In “Hiring Manager Review” Step, click “Schedule” to set interview (invites go to candidate/Hiring Manager & open in Outlook calendar.) There are templates that you can choose which will prepopulate directions in the email to the candidate.

General Tips

  • Keep your processes simple – This is key for cutting down your recruiting time/frustration.
  • Don’t waffle over applications – just REJECT or CALL if possible.
  • If you can’t call immediately, give them a STAR grade or reject. The next day you can come back and call all the “top star” candidates instead of starting over again.

Avoid Bias

A 2003 study showed that given IDENTICAL resumes, a candidate with an African American name (versus a traditionally “White” name) will have to send out 50% more resumes to get the same number of calls back? Recent research shows that despite all the diversity training, this gap still exists.

Bias is not usually intentional, but when you hire, you tend to be stressed out and this can cause you to fall back heavily on stereotypes or fears that you don’t even know you have).

To avoid bias, focus only on job related items (education if relevant to the job, tenure at past jobs, and experience). It never hurts to call the person and check them out. Don’t use your gut to make decisions when all you are looking at is a piece of paper, after all.

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