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Do you know an individual who would be a great candidate for employment with Arbor Acres? Do they try to instill their work and their relationships with beauty and caring? You can refer them to work here and receive a bonus for doing so! This document provides details.

We hope that if you want to grow, you grow with Arbor Acres! To search for open jobs at Arbor Acres and apply:

  1. Log into Paycom.
  2. Go to “Company Information”, then “Job Opportunities” to search for jobs.
  3. Click on the job you are interested in.
  4. In the “Apply Now” box, click the orange “Start Application” link.

Scholarships: Our residents fund scholarships for employee education 3 times/year!(May, August & December) Available funds dictate number of awards given. View the scholarship flyer.

Tuition Reimbursement: Eligibility: Full-time artists with 6 mos. service. Must be job-related (or prepare for another AA position) at accredited school. Application here. To apply, get your manager’s signature & submit to Talent Arts. If approved, tuition, books, exam fees are covered (max $500.00 per semester, $1,000.00 per calendar year). (Grade A, B,C or Pass is required.)

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