Annual Performance Reviews

Each employee of Arbor Acres receives an annual performance review to ensure personal improvement and a standard of quality of care and service to our community.



Beginning in May, the performance reviews process has three phases:

  1. The employee’s self-evaluations on Paycom,
  2. The manager’s evaluation of the employee on Paycom, and
  3. The in-person reviews between employee & manager.


In the spring, instructions are distributed to managers with specific dates and deadlines.


Tips for Managers


  • Performance reviews should never “unearth” a new problem with an employee’s performance. Issues need to be addressed directly with the employee, throughout the year, as they happen.
  • If your employee is excelling in a particular area, make sure to take note so you can mention it at their performance review.
  • Topics that may not be discussed in a performance review include:
    • FMLA (Family & Medical Leave)
    • Workers compensation cases
    • Safety complaints
    • Other grievances/protected rights

Performance Review Metrics [2024]


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Merit Increase Process [2024]


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