Handling Employee Injuries

Having a member of your team get injured can be stressful for all involved. Stick to the following steps to ensure the best possible outcome in this unfortunate situation.

  1. If the employee requires immediate care (emergency): call 911. Then, call the Welcome Center (x1205) and notify them of the emergency.
  2. If the employee is safe and does not require immediate care: immediately work with the employee to complete these two forms:
  3. Provide the employee a physical copy of the Employee Injury Packet to complete. This packet contains the Employee Injury Report. They will bring this packet with them for the next step.
  4. Even if the employee says they are “fine”, walk them to the Perry Clinic (1st floor Stockton) or the Brock Court Clinical Coordinator’s Office. The nurse at either clinic may recommend offsite treatment as necessary.
  5. If offsite treatment is recommended: the employee should drive to the recommended facility immediately. If the injury does not allow them to do so, an authorized driver must drive them. The employee must bring a photo ID for any substance tests.
  6. Doctor’s notes: tell the employee to share any doctors’ notes with you ASAP (as they relate to the employee’s ability to perform at work). Tell the employee that if they do not report any doctors’ note, or they were determined to be able to return to work with/without restrictions, they must report to work as scheduled and share any restrictions with you.
    Ensure the employee does NOT perform work outside their restrictions.
  7. Ensure Form 19, Employee Injury Report (in the packet you provided the employee in step 3), and Supervisor Accident Investigation Form are complete and sent to Susan Koivisto in Talent Arts: skoivisto@arboracres.org


  • Ensure all 3 forms are submitted to Susan Koivisto:
    • Form 19
    • Employee Injury Report
    • Supervisor Accident Investigation Form
  • If a workers compensation representative contacts you,  be honest and provide complete information.
  • If modified duties are needed, contact Talent Arts at hr@arboracres.org to discuss appropriate work.
  • Most importantly, support your team member! 
    • Sending a “get well” card can go a long way.
    • Allow them to recover peacefully.
    • There’s no need to discuss the situation with other staff members.
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