Time Off & Dress Code

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All Artists should wear neat business casual clothes and low, closed toe shoes (other than in Administration). Leggings are not permitted; jeans are only permitted on Fridays. Scrubs are to be worn in Nursing. Maintain good hygiene and avoid heavy fragrances. Nails can harbor germs so trim natural nails to 1/4 inch in dining & licensed. Limit piercings and jewelry for a more professional look, and definitely cover any offensive tattoos.

Other than in the kitchen (where it gets hot), no hats/hoodies/bandanas.

Details in the employee handbook, or ask your manager. Feel free to contact Talent Arts with questions or religious/ADA needs.

Supervisors must have at least 24 hours notice (your supervisor may require more) of an absence. They may or may not be able to approve your absence depending on business needs. Unapproved absences may result in coaching and discipline.

    • Excessive tardies/leave lates or late call-ins may also result in coaching and discipline.
    • Some supervisors may permit “make-up shifts” for absences during the same workweek.


Missing a shift with no communication, or leaving the premises during your shift without approval, will be considered job abandonment and will generally result in you having resigned employment.

See the Arbor Acres Employee Handbook & benefits summary guide for the full breakdown of PTO policies, which is available to Arbor Acres (and full-time Home Care) employees.

Arbor Acres recognizes eight official holidays: New Year’s Day, Easter Day (Sunday), Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday and Memorial Day. PTO must be submitted to cover the holiday unless you are working. You will receive time and a half pay if your supervisor schedules you to work on Christmas or Thanksgiving.

PTO accrual rates:

  • Year 1: 176 hrs (6.77/pay period)
  • Year 2: 184 hrs (7.08/pay period)
  • Year 5: 224 hrs (8.62/pay period)
  • Year 10: 240 hrs (9.23/pay period)
  • Year 15: 264 hrs (10.15/pay period)
  • Year 20: 280 hrs (10.77/pay period)
  • Year 25: 304 hrs (11.69/pay period)

Bereavement: Up to 3 paid leave days for full-time employees (up to 8 hrs per day) for immediate family members (parents, sisters, brothers, aunts/uncles, nieces/nephews, grandparents/grandkids, father/mother/brother/sister-in-laws) within 7 days of the death, unless otherwise approved.

Jury Duty Leave: We support your service to the court system. Notify your supervisor as soon as possible. Exempt staff will not have pay reductions for a partial week’s absence. Non-exempt If you are classified as exempt, you will not incur any deduction in pay for a partial week’s absence due to jury duty. If you are classified as nonexempt, you may opt to use PTO in place of unpaid leave.

School Visitation Leave: 4 hrs of time off per year (PTO to be used by non-exempt) with 48 hrs advance notice to attend or otherwise be involved at your child’s school if you are the parent, guardian or in-loco-parentis of a school-aged child.

As soon as you know of a need to be out for family or medical reasons, contact your supervisor and Susan Koivisto in Talent Arts (336-748-1221).

FMLA will be reviewed initially; if you do not qualify for FMLA, we will discuss other options such as an ADA leave or other type of personal leave.

  1. Log into Paycom.
  2. Go to “Time Off Requests”, then select “Request Time Off”.
  3. To sell back PTO, email hr@arboracres.org.Bear in mind that you cannot sell more than 100 hours per year and no more than 40 hours at one time. You also cannot dip below 40 hours in your PTO bank.
  4. View instructions as a PDF here.
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