Disciplinary Action Using Leader Values

Effective investigation and appropriate disciplinary action is a pillar of good leadership. Follow these steps to ensure all sides are heard and your team’s trust is preserved.

Investigating a dispute:


  1. Talk to the ‘accuser’ to learn about the issue/situation. Take notes throughout the entire investigation process.
  2. Talk to the ‘accused’ employee before talking to others involved.
    1. Say, “I’m investigating (event). I want to hear your side of things. What exactly happened?”
    2. Obtain their written statement (signed and dated).
    3. Remind the accused employee that retaliation or discussing the situation with anyone during the  investigation may result in termination.
  3. Obtain signed witness statements from others involved in the situation. Do not promise confidentiality, but tell them to inform you if they encounter any retaliation from the accused employee.


Tips for investigations:


  • Stay focused; keep your conversations with employees short and sweet.
  • Remain calm.
  • Do not show judgment in tone or expression, so the employees are more comfortable being honest.
  • Ask open-ended questions (questions that can’t be responded with just “yes” or “no”).
  • Take notes!

Sending an employee home (suspension):


Contact your Talent Arts manager first, when possible. If there is concern about immediate safety or wellbeing of an employee, you may send the ‘accused’ employee home while you investigate (do not send the accuser/victim home).

Non-exempt employees will not receive pay until they are cleared by Talent Arts via the results of your investigation.

Threats? Harassment? Violence? Notify Talent Arts!


Bren Galaski, Talent Arts Manager: (336) 748-2462, bgalaski@arboracres.org

– Steps also in Workflow.

  1. Create the Performance Discussion in Paycom
    • Go to Talent Management > Performance Discussion Forms > Begin Performance Discussions.
    • Select employee; complete required fields.
    • CHANGE APPROVER in steps 2 > 5. Tiera Carpenter = Nursing/Homecare; Bren Galaski = All other) – see screenshot below.
  2. Click Submit to Approver and Email.
  3. After approved by HR, go to ‘Manage Performance Discussions’ /click employee’s name.
  4. Go over discussion in person.
  5. Click “Approve > Forward” while employee is with you (See screenshot below.).
  6. Employee signs off (in your office):
    • No phone? log out of Paycom, and access employee log-in page for employee.
    • (Signing = reviewed with them/ doesn’t mean agree.)
    • Employee logs-in, clicks on alert bell – signs, saves, submits.
    • Pop-up: Acknowledge/confirm, goes to HR for comment review.
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