Onboarding Overview

Day 1: Human Resources Orientation

Scheduled by HR and START DAY for all new staff. 9am to 4pm, every other Wednesday.

Day 2: Departmental Training Begins

  1. Provide Department Info Sheet (with spaces for employee to make notes), Job Description, Favorite Things Sheet.You can choose an “Ambassador” to help.
  2. Manager or Ambassador does tour, takes to lunch, and introduces other staff.
  3. Manager uses Competency Checklist to begin training on job functions (or another tool like Hot Schedules).
  4. Go to Paycom > Talent Management > Performance Management > Performance Dashboard. Filter by the orientation checklist. Select employee & check off required steps. Hit SAVE. Important: WAIT to finalize, so you can upload training proof later.)

Note: Staff in healthcare cannot start on floor/kitchen unless TB is done ahead of time and read.

Day 3:

Take new hire to get their TB read.

By Day 7:

Make sure you, the manager, check in on this day to see how their training is going.

Don’t forget to celebrate your staff. Here are some tips for using the favorites sheets.

Day 3- 14:

On-the-floor training: You can use the Competency Tracking Sheet OR another tool you can upload.

Week 2:

  • Take staff to have TB Test read (#2)
  • Directors/VPs send welcome card to new hire at this time.

Month 1:

  • Upload competency checklist or other proof of job training to Paycom New Hire Checklist review and FINALIZE.
  • New hire must sign-off on the review in your office.
  • Group new hire lunch with Director or VP and New Hire Survey link provided during lunch.


There will be quarterly New Hire meet-ups with senior staff invited.

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