Onboarding New Employees

First impressions are everything. Follow this schedule to ensure your new employee is on the road to success at Arbor Acres.

Day 1: Talent Arts Orientation


  • This is the official “start day” for all new staff.
  • 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM, every other Wednesday.
  • Upcoming dates:
    • September 20, The Gathering Place
    • October 4, The Gathering Place
    • October 18, The Gathering Place
    • November 1, Piner Hall
    • November 15, The Gathering Place
    • December 6, Piner Hall
    • December 20, The Gathering Place


Day 2: Department Training Begins


  1. Provide your new employee with:
    • The job description for their position. Have your employee sign & date it, then you can upload it to the Paycom checklist.
    • Department Info Sheet
    • Favorite Things Sheet
    • If desired, choose an ‘ambassador’/mentor from your team to assist in training.
  2. Give your new employee a tour of their workspace(s) and introduce their team members. If applicable, take your new employee to the Employee Meal Window for lunch.
  3. Print and work on the Competency Checklist with your new employee (or another tool like Hot Schedules, as determined by your department director). Use this tool throughout your employee’s training to ensure they can execute all the logistical skills that will be required of them.
  4. Go to Paycom > Talent Management > Performance Management > Performance Dashboard.
    1. Filter by the orientation checklist.
    2. Select your new employee and check-off the required steps.
    3. Upload signed job description. Hit SAVE.
    4. Note: WAIT to finalize until completed, so you can upload competency checklist or other training proof later.
    5. Note: Staff in healthcare areas cannot start on floor/kitchen unless their tuberculosis test (TB) is done ahead of time and read.


Day 3:


Take your new employee to get their TB read.


By Day 7:


Personally check-in with your new employee by day 7 to see how their training is going.

Tip: use the “Favorite Things” sheets to celebrate your employees in a way they will appreciate!

Week 2:


  1. Take your new employee to have TB test #2 read.
  2. Your new employee will receive a handwritten “Welcome to Arbor Acres” card from a department director or Vice President.


Month 1:


  1. Upload the completed Competency Checklist (or other proof of job training, as determined by your department director) to the Paycom New Hire Checklist. Review and FINALIZE.
  2. Your new employee must sign-off on the review while in your office.
  3. DIRECTORS/VPS: You will receive an email reminder from Paycom to check-in with new employees after 30 days. This could be a “walk by” or a phone call, or even better, taking a group of new hires to lunch or bringing them a snack. Give them this form to remind them to complete the new hire survey: New Hire Survey Flyer.


Quarterly (4 times a year):


There will be quarterly New Hire meet-ups with senior staff invited to mingle and receive feedback on the onboarding process.

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