Life at Arbor Acres

At Arbor Acres, we believe all of life’s stages offer wondrous beauty. That’s why our take on this great time in life looks and feels so different.
We think life should be beautiful and bright, distinctive and delightful, friendly and sometimes funky. That’s why, beyond our commitment to collecting fine art, we also have a studio where you can paint your own—and an inspirational ice-cream bar if that’s more your style. Here is where days are filled with richness and variety, where laughing with new friends and quiet reflection alone are both possible in the same afternoon.
While the services at Arbor Acres free you to enjoy your life, the environment at Arbor Acres entices you to reach out for a vibrant, active life. From impromptu concerts to theatrical productions performed by residents and staff, opportunities abound for fellowship, recreation, entertainment, and fun. Now you have time for that which brings you the greatest joy.

Because the perfect community isn’t about any one possibility—it’s about living somewhere that celebrates the beauty in them all. Come Explore… .