Why Retire Here?

Winston-Salem Consistently Ranked as One of the Best Places to Retire

Why retire here? For the past several years, Winston-Salem continues to pop up on “Best Places to Retire” lists. For some it’s surprising that a town rich with history, a city made up of the merger of two smaller towns over 100 years ago, is a place that over a century later is rich with modern day offerings. It seems our hometown is doing a good job combining its vibrant, re-born downtown with the traditional amenities many seniors desire. Lucky for us, Arbor Acres is right in the middle of the action.

Downtown Winston-Salem

Downtown     Winston-Salem

Forbes, CNNMoney.com, TopRetirements.com, CBS News, U.S. News and World Report, Movoto.com, MSNBC, and many other lesser known publications, news organizations, and senior lifestyle websites have recognized Winston-Salem. So what is it that’s attracting the city to these lists? Access to good healthcare, doctor to patient ratios, low cost of living, college amenities, and a nice climate seem to top the lists of pros.

Something our residents definitely take of advantage of, also on those lists, is the cultural scene. A booming wine industry in the nearby Yadkin Valley, a calendar full of cultural festivals and vintage film festivals, small museums, independent theater productions, live music and historical offerings certainly add to this city’s “score” when ranked. Home to the first Arts Council in the country, Winston-Salem calls itself the city of Arts and Innovation. The University of North Carolina – School of the Arts, which is here, no doubt, also plays a role in the cultural offerings.

Speaking of innovation, a recent article in the New York Times summed up Winston-Salem by saying “technology has finally taken over tobacco.” In April, the newspaper highlighted the partnership between Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, Wake Forest University, and Wexford Science and Technology, a Baltimore development firm. That collaboration, the 145 acre, Wake Forest Innovation Quarter, is now being called the largest urban research park in the country. The park has successfully filled all of the once empty tobacco warehouses and hosiery plants scattered around the city’s core. What’s old, has been renewed with ideas and energy.

Bailey Park inside Wake Forest Innovation Quarter

Bailey Park inside   Wake Forest Innovation Quarter

Perhaps that’s it, perhaps that’s the idea that is catching on for developers and for seniors. Taking something older, something a little out of date and repurposing it. Giving something aged, renewed meaning. Increasing value and choice, perhaps that’s what, unknowingly, Winston-Salem is doing for seniors

By working to attract medical talent and innovation, the health care offerings have increased. By collaborating with two world class universities, arts and cultural offerings are maximized. By maintaining a medium sized feel, the cost of living is not outrageous. There’s just enough to do here and the mountains and beaches are within a few hour’s reach. The weather, as we say in the south, “ain’t” so bad either! So what are you waiting for, come visit Winston-Salem and Arbor Acres for yourself. Don’t let all the experts decide for you, make your own list of reasons why this would be on your list of places to live now, or in your later years.

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