Seniors and Summer Adventures

Stay Healthy By Traveling By definition an adventure is “an unusual and exciting experience or activity.” Who wouldn’t want to go on an adventure, especially if you found out you could stay healthy by traveling.  That’s right, some researchers argue traveling can be good for senior health. According to getting outside of your home and normal routine promotes additional physical activity. As we age, we need more mental and physical stimulation.  So a trip to the park, the local winery, the zoo or sightseeing in a new city means you are walking more than normal. That extra exercise strengthens … Continue reading

Spring Adds New Life and New Beauty to Arbor Acres

A New Fitzgerald Building is Emerging “Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is.” Simple words from author Jessica Harrelson about this time of year, words we can also use to characterize what we now see in Fitzgerald, the facility that houses Arbor Acres’ skilled nursing and memory care areas. As spring blossoms outside, inside a building that’s been filled with temporary walls and closed off hallways, wrapped in dust and construction debris, the cocoon of transformation is finally opening. New life is emerging in the beautiful new space. Finally, the fruits of many years of planning are being … Continue reading

Promise You Will Never Put Me In A Nursing Home

Making A Tough Decision The words “nursing home” can conjure up some rather intense feelings and emotions; loneliness, despair, sadness, and much more. Generations gone by think of a “nursing home” as a cold, sterile, institutional place where people are often left to die. But as the number of senior adults rapidly grows, the idea of placing a loved one in some type of retirement facility is something children, spouses, and family members of all types are being forced to consider now more than ever. A recent article in the Washington Post challenges the idea of making the promise, “I’ll … Continue reading

The Changing Seasons Highlight Remembrance, Honor, and Gratitude

Let’s Give Thanks! This time of year is full of emotion. We become reminded of all we have, all we should be thankful for. We honor our families and the memories of loved ones lost. We remember the good times and recall lessons learned during the tough times. We look at changes brought about over the past year and this year we remember more than ever less challenging times. The conflicts in countries abroad, the fear of terrorism here at home, it’s all shining light on the importance of our freedom and the sacrifices of those who’ve already fought to … Continue reading

Places Everyone! It’s Time for the Show

Does Acting Have Some Memorable Side Effects for Senior Adults? Bonjour! The casting call has happened, the rehearsals have begun, we are saying hello to yet another year of our annual benefit shows for Meals-on-Wheels!   CARte Blanche in Gay Pa’ree is the latest addition to a decade of original shows benefiting Senior Services. In that time, Arbor Acres has contributed over $365,000 to help bring healthy meals to those less fortunate.  It’s a good time and perhaps, according to some research, our efforts to help benefit others though acting may actually have some “memorable” side effects for our senior adults. … Continue reading

Why Retire Here?

Winston-Salem Consistently Ranked as One of the Best Places to Retire Why retire here? For the past several years, Winston-Salem continues to pop up on “Best Places to Retire” lists. For some it’s surprising that a town rich with history, a city made up of the merger of two smaller towns over 100 years ago, is a place that over a century later is rich with modern day offerings. It seems our hometown is doing a good job combining its vibrant, re-born downtown with the traditional amenities many seniors desire. Lucky for us, Arbor Acres is right in the middle … Continue reading

Arbor Acres Wears Red With Purpose

Fighting Heart Disease in Women It’s the color of passion, danger, sacrifice, blood, fire and courage.  Some would argue because the color red symbolizes all of those things, it is powerful, strong, vibrant and beautiful.  This month, Red will take center stage as the color chosen to represent an important message from the American Heart Association.  At Arbor Acres, we too are embracing this color, its power, and its meaning. Do you know the number one killer of women in America?  I didn’t!  I guessed cancer, but no it is cardiovascular disease and yes, that is in women.  It seems … Continue reading